We get to all the meetings scheduled with you!


We want the information related to the separate waste collection project to reach each of the inhabitants of the apartment buildings in Sector 1 and we invite you to follow up on our invitation to dialogue. We assure you that we do not miss any apartment building in Sector 1 and that we take into account all the discussions that take place on the spot. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to the meeting, it will be automatically rescheduled by our colleagues.

You can always request our presence at your owners’ association by writing to us right here, in the contact form!

In parallel with the meetings that our colleagues have every day with the residents of the owners’ associations, we have discussions, including at the headquarters of our institution, with anyone who wants to know more about the smart separate collection system.

Your opinions are especially valuable to us, so we are waiting for the ideas and proposals you want to send us.

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