Directorate of Public Utilities, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Sector 1/1st District

The Directorate of Public Utilities, Sanitation and Environmental Protection is a public institution of local interest, subordinated to the Local Council of Sector 1/1st District.

DUPSPM S1’s main activities are:

  • modernization of the municipal waste collection infrastructure through smart platforms, which allow the separate disposal of different types of waste;
  • waste sorting in its own station which will be built in the near future;
  • ensuring the financing of the management of packaging waste from municipal waste (Organizations implementing the obligations on extended producer responsibility - OIREP);
  • informing and educating the public on packaging waste management, separate waste collection, sorting and capitalization of waste, and environmental protection;
  • pollution prevention and environmental protection.

Leading management:

General Manager: Haidemak Mădălina-Veronica

Deputy General Director of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Directorate: Lixandru Cătălin

Deputy General Director of the Programs and Investments Directorate: Stan Florina-Lidia

Deputy General Director of Infrastructure: Călin Bogdan-Alexandru

Persons authorized to provide information of public interest:

Galu Ramona Cristina, specialized inspector – Communication Service

Fulga Daniel, specialized inspector – Communication Service

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