The DUPSPM action plan follows the steps contained in the opportunity study for establishing the type of management for the waste (municipal waste and similar waste) sorting activity, in sorting stations, developed on 21.05.2019 for the City Hall of Sector 1.

Review of the waste management strategy at Sector 1 level for full compliance with the obligations and targets set by the legislation. From the establishment until now, all the draft decisions, subject to the approval of the Local Council by DUPSPM S1, have taken into account HCL no. 82 of 2017 (Framework document for the implementation, at the level of Sector 1, of the Strategy for medium and long term development and operation of the Public Sanitation Service in Sector 1 of the Municipality of Bucharest).

Implementing a selective waste collection system in Sector 1 to meet the targets set by law. According to the attributions of the operational and organizational regulations, DUPSPM initiated and carried out public procurement procedures for the award of service contracts which provide authorization and execution of works for selective collection platforms – design services and technical project verification services.

Concluding contracts with 13 organizations implementing the extended responsibility of producers of recyclable / reusable packaging (OIREP) – with measurable results in the quantities of waste taken over by sorting stations under contract with the sanitation operator in Sector 1.

Informing and raising public awareness on the separation of waste at source, before disposing of it for collection.

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