Obtaining money from the biggest packaging producers

DUPSPM S1 has concluded contracts with all organizations that implement the extended producer responsibility for recyclable / reusable packaging (EPR). From the amounts obtained from the large packaging generators, S1/ 1st District will cover part of the sanitation expenses.

The role of OIREPs

OIREPs have the role of guiding the process of collecting and recycling packaging waste, without dealing directly with it and without working with individuals. The recycling process is part of the circular economy (this refers to the fact that manufactured products have both a life cycle and a recycling and recovery cycle).

The circular economy consists of three branches:

  • manufacturing of the product and launching it on the market
  • product sales and life cycle development
  • recovery of the packaging after consumption of the product or recycling cycle.

Economic operators have an obligation to manage waste

Like all European Union countries, Romania has the obligation to hold the parties involved in the waste collection and recycling process accountable, in order to reach 80% by 2030. We have the principle of extended producer responsibility, which is taken over by OIREP. At the same time, economic operators are responsible for tracking and recovering waste from packaging as follows:

  • companies that sell packaged products are responsible for all packaging waste
  • companies that create product packages for resale are directly responsible for the recovery of waste from the packaging they generate
  • companies that sell packaging and transport packaging or rent such packaging are directly responsible for their use. All these objectives can be achieved directly by the companies involved or they can use OIREPs to solve the collection and recycling of packaging waste.

The long-term goal of OIREPs

OIREPs take responsibility for the collection and recycling of packaging waste from producers and directly responsible companies. OIREPs indirectly deal with these processes, ensuring only the traceability of packaging waste from the manufacturing company to the final recycler. OIREPs do not collect, trade, recycle or recover waste, but only deal with the realization of the necessary contracts between the producing and collecting companies and then with the final recyclers.

In the medium and long term, the general objective of the OIREPs is to make the entire recycling process of packaging waste as efficient as possible and to reach the EU quota in time: recovery of up to 80% of packaging waste.


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