Smart platforms for separate waste collection

Simple and civilized in each apartment building

We build modern platforms for waste collection

Cleaning always starts at home and that is why we are radically changing the way we collect household waste. The City Hall of Sector 1 will build 2,000 separate waste collection points, each owners’ association being assigned a platform that will contain four collection containers of 1.1 cubic meters. The equipment installation works will start this year, and the completion deadline is 36 months for all the apartment buildings in Sector 1.

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about how the separate waste collection system will work.

What will the advantages of the residents be after the placement of the separate collection platforms?

The main advantages of using the platforms will be: the elimination of the unpleasant smell emitted by garbage, the increase of the cleaning level, the disappearance of rodents and cockroaches in the vicinity of the waste, the modernization of the space near the house.

What types of platforms will be built?

There are two types of platforms that will be built in Sector 1, both with the same functional technical characteristics (four collection containers, smart system, ground footprint of max. 17 sqm, etc.): surface platforms (above ground), buried platforms (underground). The choice of one type or the other will be made according to the characteristics of the land on which it will be located: the existence of underground public utility networks, the distance of the location from the apartment building, etc.

On how many fractions do we have to separate the waste before disposing of it?

As soon as we finish the construction of the platform, it will be made available to the association and the access cards will be distributed. The residents will deposit the household waste at the platform serving their association as follows:



The garbage resulting from food waste, vegetable waste and all other waste that decomposes and can become organic fertilizer will be deposited in the container marked Biodegradable



Plastic, aluminum, paper or cardboard packaging must be placed in the container marked Packages, but only after it has been rinsed or cleaned beforehand.



All non-recyclable waste will be deposited in the “Menajer” container, such as: used paper towels, absorbent wipes and diapers, used polystyrene packaging (pans), dirty food foil, bone scraps, contaminated textiles and worn shoes, etc.



The glass packaging (bottles and jars of all colors) will be placed in the container marked Glass, after they have been rinsed beforehand.

What does ``smart system`` mean?

The access to each of the four collection containers will be made only on the basis of an individual electronic card. The access to the platform will be restricted to residents from other areas; you will only be able to store your waste on the platform you are assigned to. The sensors and other monitoring equipment will detect whether or not the waste types are mixed together.

Are investment costs borne by residents?

No, the beneficiaries will not pay for these investments. They will be made from the local budget of Sector 1, through the system of public tenders.

Separate your waste before disposing of it

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