Modernization of the sanitation system

Modernization of the sanitation system

It is no longer a secret to anyone the importance of selective collection among the population. With relatively little effort to selectively disposing the garbage, we can help reduce pollution, help keep water clean, conserve non-renewable natural resources and reduce energy consumption.


Following the analysis of the situation in Bucharest, we determined that without substantial investments, the targets assumed by the legislation in force cannot be achieved, becoming strictly necessary to build an infrastructure to serve the entire waste stream.

In accordance with the Waste Management Plan in Bucharest, Sector 1 proposes the initiation of the following investments in partnership with the Capital City Hall:
  • Sorting Station to contribute to the effective achievement of targets at least at Sector/district level;
  • Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plant for waste collected within Sector 1 which will be dimensioned so as to contribute to the effective achievement of targets, at least at Sector/district level. The biological component of the station will use the process of bio-drying or bio digestion, so that the resulting materials can be transferred for energy recovery;
  • fuel material production plant (RDF) from the refusal from the Mechano-Biological Treatment Plant / Sorting Station - the resulting material will be transferred for energy recovery;
  • Waste composting station;
  • Preparation facility for reuse / recovery of bulky waste;
  • Installation for crushing and sorting waste resulting from residential and construction works / demolition within the objective of preparation for reuse, recycling and other material recovery operations of this waste at a level of at least 70%;
  • For the activity of collecting household waste from the citizens of Sector 1, DUPSPM has started the procedures for building the integrated selective collection system (smart platforms).
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